Mad Monkey
Welcome to Mad Monkey Motorcycles, or MMM.
A part time hobby of Ray Scalf of El Paso Texas,
and home of the bomb bike - "Eve of Destruction"

Bikes - We specialize in turning old, ordinary
metric bikes into one of a kind riding machines.
Each chopper we build has touches of classic
cars, wild paint schemes, military items, and of
course pinups, mmmmmmm........ pinups. We get
off on turning ordinary cycles into madman
induced dream choppers.

Pinups - Check out this section for a few great
pictures and some fantastic links. You really
won't be disappointed.  

Crap For Sale- Check in here for cool mad
monkey stuff for sale. Cheapest t-shirts

Blog- Check out the madmonkey blog, and drop
off your comments. This is where I'll rant and
rave on just about anything.....and boy do I have a
lot of rants.....

About/ Info- Want to know what the hell I was
thinking! Need to get a hold of the monkey right
now damn it! Here is where all the dope is at.
And be sure and tell the nice monkey all about it
in the guest book!

Old bike parts - We are also proud to host a link
for Dona Ana Cycles, perhaps the largest
collection of old metric parts and accessories

Leather - Mad Monkey finally got his leather
working chops back and wants to carve your
design into a new seat, tool bag or whatever.
Check out the examples and see some random
stuff for sale.
Help design a logo! Come up with a design for mad monkey motorcycles and get fame fortune , and the attention of
millions of fans. Or maybe some bread. But you will definitely get credit and recognition. Draw a mad monkey, draw a
pretty girl, draw a mad monkey riding a bomb, draw a mad monkey riding a pretty girl on a bomb.....urrr, or maybe
not. Anyway, you get the idea.  All entries will be posted and links to your webpages or to your stuff for sale, so
aspiring artists out there, help a poor little monkey out.................................................................or i'll
go mad I tell you,Mad!!!
If nothing else, send me your art so I can post it to the pinup page. All art is good art...except stuff with real crap
on it.....that's just wrong!

Click here to see the entries!!!!
Go to the bottom
of the bikes page
to see a cool pic
of the Al Jones
show bike.