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Here are the bikes the monkey has laid his dirty little paws on.
These are the MMM shop bikes, and click on each image for a
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Mad Monkey Motorcycles builds, or customizes any metric bike.  
If there are ideas you have, or would like to discuss a project,
follow the link below and drop me a line. We specialize in
anything ratty. It's all about ease of maintenance here at MMM.
While other suckers are polishing the chrome, we're already
kicking back a few at the old hotspot.  We can do a highly
polished and shiny bike, put probably won't, but  if the idea you
have grabs us,we just might try it.
Check back, as new bikes for sale will be added regularly.
Thinking about it, I should probably add that at MMM, we build
bikes for fun, and not really for the money ( but a little doesn't
hurt.) What I'm getting at is we will build your dream bike and not
screw you with labor doing it.   As an example, I sold Mavis for
just $2500, when the headlight alone cost more than $400. & I
even took another bike in partial trade. Like they say, i'm not all
there. Now if you'll excuse me, the clowns are stealing my sanity
1980 Kawasaki KZ1300 Touring bike...once a upon a time.
"Eve" is my show / demo bike. The bike I always wanted to barhop with. In her are all the
elements that I think are cool. Take one unique gas tank, slap a pretty girl on it, add a bunch
of old vintage one killer, big ass engine. Eve sports the little known 1300cc, 6 cylinder
engine made from 1979 to roughly 1989. She puts out about 115-120 Horses.  It was a low
production bike, and had some pretty serious issues out of the factory. Unstock and
bobbed, she's a rocket. Some details
Frame -Rear end chopped and made rigid, stock front end. Center frame modified.
Engine - Stock with some serious adjustments to the standard 3 Mikuni carbs.
Ignition - Accel coil system with the standard igniter.
Tank - Old practice bomb, shortened 8 inches, and sealed. Wiring goes through center of
Headlight - Old Korean war era Russian tank headlight, interior reworked of course.
Taillight - combo of leds on license and an old hot rod stop light.
Levers - 50cal machine gun bullets from a B-17
Pegs - WW1-ish practice bombs
Seat - Vintage Brooks springer bicycle seat mounted to a mono shock (yes, Eve is an ass
Has now been changed to another vintage bicycle seat, but is a full 12 beautiful inches    
Paint- Tank and fenders basic silver with no clear coat. Everything else powder coated.
Everything else is probably stock but modified. If there is anything else you would like to
know about her drop me a
I recently showed Eve at the Golden Aspen Rally in Ruidoso New Mexico, and the
response was overwhelming. She drew crowds wherever she went. To be perfectly honest,
I really wasn't expecting this great of a reaction. Some of the more common questions were-
1. Does the seat hurt? Your damn right it does, but a little beer numbs it right out.
2. Does she fly like a rocket? She hauls ass. A very scary kind of haulin ass.
3. Would you consider this the ultimate bomber bike? No response is suitable for such a
bad pun.
4. How loud is she? Pretty loud but I have heard some Harley's louder. She has more of a
insane, rabid, weed eater sound to her.
5. How much? Nope, never, not even, no way. She was built for me, by me, and to my
specifications. Eve will never be ridden by anyone else, ever. This bitch is MINE!!!

UPDATE: Eve is being redone. As we speak I am redesigning and redoing her. I had a little
incident and because she is too fast for our collective good I nearly fell off the high placed
seat and killed myself. She will be a little less crazy, but still scary fast. Photos when I'm
As requested, here is the only pic I
could find of the bike before the
craziness. This is Eve right after
she was stripped down, but before
any cutting or alterations were
done. Notice the fugly rear fender,
and that big ass airbox. It takes up
the entire center of the bike.
Mad Monkey Motorcycles would like to present April Bennett with Eve. I
think she nailed the retro look......and looked mighty good doing it too. If you
like the pictures click on the Paypal button or contact the monkey to buy em'  
All pics are autographed by April. Supplies are limited!
The Mad Monkey letters in white will not be on the final pic...figured it was
All Pics are $5 ea.
including shipping!!!
1981 Yamaha Virago 750
A picture of my best
monkey, Jamie, on his
new Christmas
This is the result of the partial trade I did with the skullwing bike, as mentioned in the header.  
For those without an intimate knowledge of older jap bikes, she was the first Japanese v-twin
motorcycle. She also is shaft driven, air cooled, and was designed with what is now common on
most crotch rockets- mono-shock rear suspension and a hanging engine. That is to say, there is
no bottom frame, or downtube. Just a large backbone to which the motor hangs onto. Other bits
of strangeness to the design include the air breather system runs through the backbone down to
the left side plate.I decided that this bike was gong to be built for my best buddy, Jamie, and the
bike needed to fit his personality while driving- fast, scary, & angry. In addition, because it's been
a while since he's been on two wheels only, I decided to keep certain items (horns, mirrors)so it
would be a little safer to ride. No horn though, a constant stream of profanity should keep most
drivers at bay. The only major surgery done was I stripped every last bit of wiring , and started
from scratch. She has a starting, ignition,and light circuit, and thats it. No kickstand relays, clutch
disengage switches, auxiliary dumb-ass circuits- nothing. The front end was rebuilt to stand
about 4 inches higher, and the rear was lowered about 1 inch. My buddy is just a little taller than
me, so the ride style is nice for a tall person. Some things added or done-
1. Handlebars - 18" black dragbars on 4" dogbone risers.
2. Fuel tanks- Dual 3.5 gallon Empi dune buggy tanks strapped side by side.
3. Seat - 1946 Indian chief solo seat with guardrail.
4. Headlight - old firetruck spotlight, rewired, still switches on at light.
5. Tailight - Old Teleooptic tailight unit with built in turn signals. A really neat old light.
6. Grips, pegs, front turns, and mirrors by Ness
7. Rear fender - Front fender from the skullwing
8. Paint - yea right, everything is brushed,chromed or powdercoated.
9. Bertha art by Luis Royo. See the pinup section of this site for more cool crap from this dude.
It'll blow your      mind.
A picture before she
was madmonkeysized!
Click the image on the right
for the photos of the entire
photo session!
Frame up Harley based custom
This bike started as a simple conversation lubricated with the evil of beer. I was helping my
buddy and fellow bike builder in his shop one day, as I had done many, many times before.
As he had always built Harley based bikes and I had always stuck to metrics, the
conversation wandered to a spare frame and other parts he had lying around, and as always,
he tried to convince me to try my hand at a Harley. Well, I apparently had more beer in me
than in previous visits cause I finally caved and bought the stuff. Little by little I put her
together and I must say, other than being freaking expensive, she was quite fun to first. I am now convinced he placed a subtle voodoo curse on the frame before he
sold it to me. This bike has had one little problem after another. I have taken the tranny off
so many times I can now remove it, do the adjustments and have the bike running again in
less than 15 minutes..  
Some of the details - 1999 Harley EVO motor on a custom hardtail frame. Gas and oil tanks
are form old tractors. Tranny is a 5 speed with kicker kit. All electrics are hidden and the
front end is from the original Beth bike.
This bike is a love/ hate affair in progress. I love how she came out but if anyone were to
offer me the right amount of money...say 15k...I would not hesitate to give her a new home.
A Picture of me and my baby on Bettie
at the Ruidoso Aspen rally.
A quick pic of my buddy Shawn Chapman's bike. He sadly passed away but
his bike lives on somewhere. He inherited the bike from his grandfather Al
Jones who was the original owner of Barnett Harley Davidson in El Paso
Texas and he used the bike to showcase all the badges harley was coming
out with. He added a few lights and this masterpiece was made. It even has
a tiny kitchen sink. Just thought it would be cool to show you all. Miss you
Pictures coming soon