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...or just what is madmonkeymotorcycles,
and who the hell is this idiot, and why does
he keep building these dumb ass bikes!!!
What in the hell is Mad Monkey Motorcycles. MMM started out completely by
accident. The mad monkey's real job is as a firefighter with Fort Bliss Fire
Department, located in El Paso Texas. It is there that I have had the pleasure of
working with the greatest crew ever, and it just so happens some even ride.  It
was while sitting around watching Jesse James, and the Orange County
Chopper jackasses (give the fire bike to the fire dept. you supposedly built it
as a tribute for, don't keep it to make money off of it at shows you $#*&^%$$*),
some of us around the firehouse started to think we could probably do this
too. Now being truly mad, the monkey started to think along some completely
different lines. "Wouldn't a old Japanese bike look totally cool all ratted out.
Hell, even some of the bikes from the factory are pretty strange. If I tore off all
the crap from an old metric job, I bet I could make a seriously cool ride. " And
the thought kinda stopped there, until...

One day while browsing the local Harbor Freight Tools,(browsing may not be
the right word, beating off is probably more like it), I got a powdercoat machine
to coat a couple of things from the bathroom. Then a couple of parts off my
everyday rider, just for the hell of it. Then come the questions- "Hey, could you
powder coat my ....." After a few hundred of these I started to think maybe I
could make some bread with this little machine.  Then winter came with the
winter chores..... Until..

While looking at a pottery kiln for Christmas, I noticed a monster bike lurking in
the corner. " Does that thing run", I asked. "No", "I am trying to sell it also, but
haven't had the time to work on it  so I can place the ad".  When you first see a
bike like the old Kawasaki KZ1300, you can only think one thing. "what the hell
were the designers thinking." But when the mad monkey saw this six
cylindered beast, he thought, " Chopped and lowered, that monster would be
freaking awesome!!!". And so Eve was bought, but winter was kicking some
serious ass and monkeys hate the cold..... Until

While cruising the local shops with dudes from work, I came across a set of
used skull and spinal cord pegs.  They were a good deal, and I thought, " A old
rat bike with skulls everywhere would be kinda cool, plus it would drive the
guys crazy". So the pegs came home, but spring was here and the garden
needed care and yard needed mowing, and so on........ Until

One day while eating with a buddy, he tells me that his brother in law just
bought a Harley firefighter special, and was looking to get rid of his old
goldwing, and do I know anybody who would want it. So  I went and took a look,
and thought, " without all that crap on it, I bet she would haul ass" So the
goldwing got the skull treatment. See the bike page for the details.  I went
looking for somebody to do the decals for the skull bike and I immediately
thought two things. 1. "This shit is expensive for something that really isn't too
hard" and 2. " I bet after they scan my design, they keep it to sell to other
people. If I did it I would promise none of that bullshit would go on here". And  
so I bought a decal cutter to put the crap in my head into sticker format.  But
work got busy, I went to class out of town for a month, and life went on ..........

Cruising around town on the wing, a bunch of people keep commenting,
"that's a cool bike, are you sure it's a goldwing?", or " why on earth would you
ride that thing?". Both music to my ears, and the thought finally rang out, " if
people would want to buy this old wing, surely I could sell a bike I really tried to
build." which was quickly followed  by, " If I rebuilt the 1300 into a truly
spectacular demo bike, I could get some great publicity out of it. Followed by, "
If I went onto the net, I bet I could get the word out, plus It would be a  good
excuse to keep downloading pinups" and then, " Well, hurry up and do
something about it this time, you idiot." That last one may have been my buddy.
And so I started to get busy, I built Eve, I finished the wing, I made t-shirts, I
made friends with different contacts, and the domain name was bought.  I hope
that MMM can help with that project of yours that you haven't really had the
time to do. Do it, it'll be worth it. And if you decide you'd rather have someone
else do the work, please consider a mad monkey creation. I promise that
everything coming from my shop will be affordable and sick, in a good kinda
way.  And if you want to drop me a line to say hey, go for it. I love talking to all
you other psychos out there.

Laters and thanks for reading this crap- Monkey
Drop me a line and let me know what        
                     you're thinking!!!
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