leather WORK
Mad Monkey learned how to work leather way, way back in 8th grade, and
after a long stall, he finally picked it back up again. I am now proud to offer our
custom leather work. Send me a picture and I'll let you know if it's possible to
carve it on leather. See some of my examples below. I can put it on a seat pan
or maybe, if you are really nice, make a tool bag or the like. Drop me a line and
we'll see. And since this is kinda fun for the monkey, I won't rape you on the
Some of the art I stole from the net, but I will give credit where needed, and
check out their links on the pinup page and support these great artists.
Bettie by Olivia
leather piece only- $20
South West Customs Devil Girl
Art by Martin Abel
Misc. Betties, couldn't get her just right
Skull & Roses on a seat pan - $125
Small picture for a "patch"
Art By Mark Wasyl
Lots of tooling in this one
Art by Wasyl
Simple devil girl
Art by Wasyl
Maltese Cross girl
Art by Wasyl
Mechanic Girl
Art by Wasyl
Sexy Blonde
Art by Wasyl
American Skull- $50
Traditional Tattoo- $50
Heaven and Hell
Art by wasyl
Some back patches I made for me and my baby's trophy vests. The one above is about
8x10. Included a close up of each one so you can see the detail. I love making these
so drop me a line with your ideas.
Top is art by Wasyl with a monkey by Squindo. Bottom is Squindo.
My sweety's portrait
done in leather.