Parts, Parts, a Whole Crapload of Parts
Mad Monkey Motorcycles is
Proud to introduce Dona Ana
Cycle and Salvage of Las
Cruces New Mexico.
They have been in business
for 26+ years and have
amassed a huge inventory of
metric scooter parts. There
are over 550 bikes on the
grounds, and tons of parts of
every description all carefully
maintained in the dry desert
If you need a part for an old
Japanese or European bike,
odds are they got it, and a
better part you won't get
anywhere else.

Please Note: MMM is only
providing a contact opportunity
for Dona Ana Cycle Salvage,
and is not in direct contact
with them. As such, please do
not ask the monkey for a
specific part as he has no way
of checking. If you really need
something, keep trying the
contact info below.
If you want t o start a search for parts, or you have a question, you can drop a line to Tim at -


                              or you can try the phone at  575-526-8278
Some Random Items from the lot!
ZX 1100 D4 Gas Tank - $90    
85 VT1100 Tank cover with Temp. and fuel gauges - $25.00
86 YZ 125 Radiators - $75  
79 XL500 Good head & cam - $125
79 XL500     Tank - $80     
RE5   Side covers and 3 turn signals - Please ?
77 CB750 Auto front forks - $40  
79 CR250   rolling chassis - $200
82 Cm 450A  Front wheel disc rotors - $45
76 GT250  Motor, turns  - Please ?
80 PE400 Front forks & lowers, front wheel  - $60
82 GS1100L  Speedo & tach 29842 miles reading - Please ?
GT 380 74-77  6 Dorcy tune up kits - $60  
GT 550 74-77 5 tune up kits - $50
85 VT1100 Motor, almost complete - $100
89 RM80 motor .25 over, no ele or water pump cover - $80
RM 370 Bottom half motor, rod turns, crank needs outer bearings, stator and clutch - $80
82 CB900C Right and left exhaust, good shape - $100  
VF700F Side covers body, Please ?
84 KX500 Bottom half motor & clutch,transmission - Please ?
80 GL1000 Speedo and tach assembly - please ?
76 GL100  speedo and tach assembly - please ?  
79 GS750 speedo and tach  - please ?
CB500 Speedo & tach - Please ?
-72 GT50 Speedo & tach - please ?
82 GL1100 saddle bags, good condition, brown - Please ?
82 XJ550 Seca fairing, red, no shield - Please ?
85 GPZ750 RT side cover - Please ?
89 Gl1500 Disc covers, pair, silver - $30
CB500 Set of 4 piston, rings, & wrist pins, 3rd over - $40  
76 GT380 cylinders and head - please ?
83 KZ250 Bottom half motor with stator - $75         
Kawasaki  Big Horn 350 Cylinder & head 81mm bore - $60
82 CR480 cylinder & head with Exhaust  and intake manifold - $60
71 CT70 Speedo, good condition, new 0 miles $60
84-85 KX500 CDI box  new, Kawasaki part # 21119-1133 - $90
84-85 KX80   CDI  box, new, Kawasaki part # 21119-1116, new was $190, now $90
DAC Has a small quantity of luggage
and luggage accessories. Most are
vintage, and are universal. Keep track
as we post more of these items here.
DAC carries a large variety of used motorcycle gas
tanks. We have several vintage tanks and all of em
are in excellent shape with little or no rust. Prices are
from $20 up.
DAC has a wide variety of
air breather boxes for your
old bike. All of the plastics
are in great shape.
DAC has a huge array of luggage racks, engine
guards and sissy bars for a wide range of older bikes.
Drop us a line and we will search  our inventory for a
item that will fit.  Prices range from $10 to $200.
DAC carries a vast assortment of
vintage and classic speedodmeters,
tachs and instrument clusters. Drop us
a line so we can find a replacment for
your classic bike. Prices start at $30
and up.
DAC carries a wide variety of
sidecovers for older bikes. Prices
start at $25 and are guaranteed to
be in great shape.