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All my favorites of pinup art. Nothing beats a nice pinup girl on the nose
of a plane, or the side of a bike.
Click on the artist for a gallery, and don't forget the links, they are truly
Remember, all this art and pictures are copyrighted or trademarked to
their various owners so don't violate any laws with them, and when you
visit, make sure you purchase something now and then out of
appreciation, you cheap bastards!
This page will always be under construction, so don't be a stranger,
you hear?
3 of the original masters of pinup.
Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, George Petty
Based on the art of these men, a whole lot of noseart was put on the
airplanes of the great war. You just can't get any better than this.
Click on pics for a gallery, name for a website.
Luis Royo. What could I say that his art
can't. Just look for yourself damn it, you'll
see what I mean.  Pic on left is to his official
site, pic on right is to a small gallery.
Second wepage -
Be warned, there are a crapload of pictures
in this gallery!!!
Robert McGinnis- A fabulous
artist with a very distinctive style.
Famous for his James Bond
paintings. Not afraid of using
bold colors, and thankfully, flesh
tones are some of em!
The brothers Hildebrandt. These
guys do everything. From comics to
old fashion pinups, these guys are
the masters. Gallery on right.....Do I
really need to repeat this!
Joe Chiodo. Jawdropping girl art
and he likes monkeys. What more
could you want.
Pic on left link to site, pic on right
small gallery.
Other Great Artists
From comic book art to plain old cheesecake, these
guys draw the gals that put the funny feeling in your
pants. I think I feel arthritis setting in!  
Adam Hughes
J. Scott Campbell
Joe Madureira
Archie Dickens
Jim Lee
Art Frahm
Harry Ekman
Greg Horn
Al Buell
John Hul
Michael Calandra
Frank Cho- One of the
funniest cartoons I have
ever read, and his girls are
awesome. Hell, he even
calls himself monkey boy.
How can you not like him!
A jaw dropping artist with a taste for my favorite, big
cleavage and WW2 inspired outfits. Excuse me, I need
some me time now!
A really well done and complete website on pinup artists
and their work. If you can't find a girl in here who puts a
stirring in your pants, well mister, you have a problem.
A terrific site on the history of pinup. Give it a look a
learn a thing or two. Besides, afterwards you can look
your girl in the eye and tell her you were getting your
learn on. It always sounds better when it's true.
An artist who mainly concentrates on his creation, the
gorgeous "Dawn".  Redheads in corsets. It makes the
monkeys play with their bananas. ...... For breakfast you
pervs, what did you think I meant.
A great comic book artist.
Not much pinup, but his
Red Sonja gave me a
Luc's Photo Hangar- A neat
little site on nose art.
Really tired of big brother telling you what is right. Can't        
stand that a few prudes who want to keep this art from you.    
   Visit and support the CBLDF, and together we can show
those motherf....... bastards we want to freedom to read, and
 look at whatever the hell we want!!!  Stand up and scream
                          YOU BITCHES"

                      (my soapbox for the day)
And what's a pinup page without Bettie Page,
nothing, that's what. The original Queen of pinup.
Just the thought of those bangs and I could
hammer nails with my pecker. If you don't like
Bettie, you should have your nuts pounded by a
gorilla with a suitcase.
How do I make this tastefull. She's hot. and she nails
the retro look. And shes hot. And her tattoo sleeve
is cool. And she's hot. Take a look for yourself and
you'll see.
To say she resembles Bettie would be unfair, she has
beauty all of her own. To say she should have been
around during the 40's would be unfair to them. They
wouldn't of been able to handle her then. To say I go
bananas for her...well... I am only a primate after all.
Check out the site, but be prepared, there is some
tasteful nudity. But I don't think thats a problem if you got
this far. AND she married manson, so you know there's
hope for all of us
not so strange little monkeys!!!
Tired of looking at girl art and  retro
girls, and want to see pictures of the
real modern day thing. Visit the
iconophle. He keeps one mean site.
Get the lotion out, you'll need it.
One freaking huge site dedicated to
Wonder Woman and Linda Carter.
Those blue eyes, that great rack, and
one amazing costume. I'd still drive a
truckload of puppies over a cliff for a
chance with her, but who am I kidding,
she doesn't do monkeys, not even
mad ones!
Martin Abel - Great artist with subtle
and sexy girls. I really love the fantasy
aspect his art portrays. I can totally
imagine I'm there, softly caressing
my...ummm...moving on....
Mark Wasyl of Drop Dead Sexy Net-
awesome artist with tons of little details
in the work. Not to mention the girls are
hot...sometimes papercut on the
pepper stick hot!!!!
Squindo- Hands down the best
vision of monkeys that I have
ever seen. When I think of myself
I see the Squindo monkey, and  
as soon as I can raise the funds
I'm gonna hire him to do my new  
Walter Girotto
Peter Driben
Click on Bettie above to go to a small
gallery of pics and artwork of the lovely
 Ms. Page!